Breakdown The Data: Coronavirus Cases Now Largest In Eastern Mass

256 --the number of Covid 19 cases in Massachusetts. Of the 256 Middlesex County has the most...100.

Suffolk County has 51.

Norfolk 45.

97 cases are traced back to the Biogen conference of last month.

Local transmissions--38. 26 are travel related. T

he rest state officials are still investigating. 119 are women. 137 are men. Almost 18 hundred tests have been administered.

There are 4 cases in Hampden County. That is up dramatically. Three were announced Wednesday out of Baystate Medical Center. 2 Cases come out of The Cooley Dickinson Hospital in Northampton while there are now 17 cases out of Berkshire County.

In Connecticut, that state has recorded its first death. A man from a nursing home who was in his 80's. Governor Lamont has ordered the closings of all malls, bowling allies and amusement parks until further notice.

There are additional concerns now coming out of the Covid Crisis and that is that Millennials are not necessarily immune from the virus.

They too must practice all the precautions that senior citizens are distancing and the like.

(Photo: Centers For Disease Control)

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