President Backs Away From Ordered Quarantine

After stating earlier today that he might issue a

Quarantine for New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, President Trump now says he is asking the CDC to issue “a strong travel advisory” for the states.

The earlier proposal had been questioned by the governors of the affected states.

The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Connecticut has surged past one-thousand 500 cases. 33 people have died.

In Massachusetts the deal toll has climbed to 44. More than 42 hundred cases have been reported by state officials.

Governor Baker is talking about his Public Health Commissioner, Dr Monica Bharell who is at home recovering from the virus. Baker says she is a "rabid distancer" and is working from home after minor symptoms developed. Baker is not one of her close contacts so he is not being tested.

As for the Governor's health he says that he feels fine. His temperature is 97 point 7. He was checked before being allowed to give blood at a Red Cross Donation Center Saturday in Dedham.

He gave blood with his wife. Afterwards they addressed reporters---continuing to keep a safe distance from each other and reporters.

(Photo Credit: Joshua Qualls/ Governor's Press Office)

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