Governor: Covid Surge Coming

Governor Baker says the worst is yet to come on Covid 19. Briefing reporters that Governor says he expects the surge in confirmed cases of Covid 19 could come sometime between April 7th and 17th.

Baker says that the timetable is not an exact prediction, but is based on what most calculations suggest.  

The Governor says that the state will open new health care facilities that will be designed to treat older adults with the virus.

The Governor says he is hoping to be able to bring in about a thousand skilled nursing facility beds for seniors. One of those facilities is expected to be in Worcester to the tune of 150 beds. Those beds could be on line as early as Thursday

On its way to the state is a thousand new ventilators. In addition millions of dollars worth of equipment and material has been delivered or will be delivered. And the Governor said that there is much more that is needed.

[Joshua Qualls/Governor’s Press Office]

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