In Line In A Store--Off Duty STCC Dispatcher Saves Life

An off-duty Springfield Technical Community College Emergency Response Dispatcher is being credited with saving a life.

Quantisha Wilbon was standing in line at a grocery store when she heard a scream in the parking lot.

A man was down, seeking immediate medical attention.

A resident was giving a victim Chest Compressions and Wilbon offered to help because the Good Samaritan was tiring. “I’ve never been put in that predicament, but I felt the need to act at that time.

There were numerous times when I had to give instructions on how to give CPR over the phone but nothing like this has ever happened in person,” she said. “He was bleeding from his head, and he was unresponsive and turning blue.”

Wilbon said her response was automatic, but she felt numb afterward.

“I couldn’t believe I did it, but somebody needed help so automatically I felt the need to go over and assist,” she said.

The victim was taken to the hospital where hospital officials say he survived.

(Photo provided by Springfield Technical Community College)

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