Second Surge Concerning To Doctors And Government Officials

Governor Baker says the state was prepared for the second surge of Covid19 cases. He also says the circumstances surrounding the virus are a bit different. The Governor says this time the virus seems to be hitting those under the age of 60 harder.

The state reported more than 10 thousand cases of Covid19 this weekend. 247 thousand cases overall. 48 people died over the weekend. Officials say that more than 10,700 people have died because of the virus.

Meantime, he COVID field hospital at the DCU Center in Worcester is open. The field hospital began operating yesterday and admitted five patients. The 50-thousand square foot facility is equipped to handle up to 220 patients. Most of the staff are from out of town. Right now there are 5 patients being treated at the facility but officials are expecting many more.

A second field hospital is being constructed in Lowell.

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