State Rolls Back To Step One Phase Three Because Of Spike

Governor Baker is rolling back Massachusetts Reopening Plan because of spiking Coronavirus numbers. The restrictions go into effect begin Sunday, December 13th. That will officially return the state to Step One Phase Three of the Reopening plan.

Under that plan, all communities in the state will reduce indoor capacities across the board as well as tighten workforce restrictions. The Governor says there was really no choice after the spiking of cases immediately after the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Among other things, the Step One system requires certain in-door recreational businesses to close while also reducing capacities to 40 percent for most businesses and industries. The Governor also says additional safety measures will be required. The Governor says he is trying to prevent people from being infected.

The Administration also announced additional guidance for certain sectors including restaurants, office spaces and gyms, to address activities where mask wearing is not possible at all times. The restrictions under the new guidelines include--

Outdoor gatherings at event venues will be limited to no more than 50 people. In addition the Health Department will have to be notified if an outdoor gathering has more than 25 people involved. And, indoor theaters and performance and higher contact recreational businesses will be required to close.

40 percent capacity at all gyms and fitness clubs are also part of the plan.

(Photo Credit: Joshua Qualls/Governor's Press Office)

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