Congressman Offers Help For Americans In Need

House Republicans are blocking an attempt by the House to pass the two-thousand dollar stimulus checks President Trump wants. Speaker Nancy Pelosi tried to pass an amendment doing just that today, but the unanimous consent request required the approval of the Republican caucus. Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy did not give it. Under House rules, the body was not able to consider the increase at this time.

Meantime, Congressman Richard Neal has already introduced what he is calling "The Caring For Americans with Supplemental Help Act of 2020." That Congressman simply calls it "The Cash Act". The measure would increase the amount of money Americans receive in a second round of direct payments to 2 thousand dollars. The Congressman says:

“For months, Democrats have consistently sought to provide Americans with a substantial second round of direct financial assistance. Now that the President has finally endorsed that idea as well, we’re ready to immediately pass the CASH Act to put an additional $2,000 into the pockets of folks in need. Congressional Republicans must join us in this effort and not block critical relief from reaching families who are hurting.”

President Trump demanded two-thousand dollar payments and Speaker Nancy Pelosi quickly expressed her enthusiastic support.

(Picture provided by Congressman Richard Neal's Office)

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