Senate Next Stop For Coronavirus Relief Package

It appears President Trump's delay in signing the coronavirus relief bill will not cost unemployed people in Massachusetts any payments.

In addition, eligible jobless claimants will also receive the extra 300-dollar federal payments as scheduled.

Anyone whose benefits were about to expire will also see them extended to a maximum of 50 weeks of coverage.

It may take extra time for some to receive checks, as the state is waiting for guidance from the federal government on implementing the new law.

Meantime, the House passed Congressman Richard Neal's Coronavirus Stimulus bill. Neal says:

“House Democrats have always favored sending more substantial relief to struggling families, and the CASH Act does just that. Increasing the second round of economic impact payments to $2,000 will make a real difference for Americans experiencing extreme financial hardship. Now that the House has approved these larger checks, it is up to Senate Republicans to do the same.

“Even if the CASH Act does pass the Senate and becomes law, it must not be the last COVID relief we provide to workers and families. The pandemic will not suddenly disappear when the calendar turns to 2021, and the economy will not immediately make a full recovery. Congress will need to work with the Biden Administration to create new jobs, successfully address the public health crisis, and ensure that Americans have the support they require to get back on their feet.”

It is unclear whether the votes are there in the Senate to pass the measure.

(Photo by Stefan Zaklin/Getty Images)

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