City Continues Cracking Down On Illegal Dumping

The City of Springfield going after illegal dumpers in the city. The city has been at it since back in 2014 when more and more residents began complaining of people running into certain neighborhoods and dumping not only trash, but beds and other items as well. Cameras were installed to identify, find and prosecute those who are violating the quality of life of residents. The Mayor says since October of last year, people were cited in seven different cases. One man was cited three separate times for illegal dumping.

Mayor Sarno stated, “We are going to remain vigilant to ensure everyone understands illegal dumping will not be tolerated in the City of Springfield. We are continuing to expand areas and the violators should be aware we will catch up with you, so think twice. This program will remain a priority for my administration and we will provide the necessary resources to ensure all violators are prosecuted.”

Patrick Sullivan added, “The Department of Parks, Buildings, and Recreation Management is committed to working closely with Springfield Police to eliminate blight caused by illegal dumping activities. It is unconscionable that residents and people from outside the city consider illegal dumping as an option. We will continue to expand the program and at the Mayor’s direction, we will continue to monitor all sites and prosecute offenders. It is time that everyone realizes we have an affordable bulk pickup process and the rules need to be followed.”

“Our cooperation with Springfield Parks, the installation of additional cameras, and new strategic tactics our Ordinance Officers are using has had and will continue to have a tremendous impact on catching those responsible for throwing away their junk or trash illegally and irresponsibly in our city,” said Springfield Police Commissioner Cheryl Clapprood.

The mayor says the operation will continue to keep the city both safe and clean.

(Picture provided by City of Springfield)