Vacant For A Decade--New Hope For Old Springfield Building

For more than ten years, the old Springfield School Department building at the corner of Chestnut and State has been vacant. Now there is a renewed push to try to develop the site and restore the four story structure.

City Officials say a new request for proposals has been sent out as of last week and most city officials have expressed some degree of hope that things may be happening soon on the more than 50 thousand square foot site.

Now- the renewed push comes about after a course change by MGM. Officials had been preparing for the structure to be turned into market rate housing. But backed out of the deal to instead convert the Court Square - Elm Street buildings into market rate developments.

Springfield officials say that the RFP is due back to city officials by the end of July. Under the guidelines- the Mayor and the City Council will have to agree on the final proposal and developer for the site.

(Photo Credit: John Baibak/WHYN News)