Lawmakers Debate Sports Betting Bill

The Massachusetts House will open debate on a long talked about Sports Betting Bill.

Under the measure--you could place a bet only at a casino - a race track or with a mobile app.

Now some western mass lawmakers want to bring some protections to the table.

One amendment by State Rep Lindsay Sabadosa of Northampton would prevent you from placing a bet with a credit card. In some cases if you do---you get hit with additional fees running up your bill.

Another amendment from Springfield's State Rep Orlando Ramos seeks to insure black and brown owned businesses are able to participate. Ramos says his inclusion amendment would insure that minorities are able to benefit from a new industry.

Meantime, the bill debating would allow you to place a bet on a college game---but not a college player's performance.

The Senate has yet to take up the entire issue of Sports Betting and it is unclear when they will.

(Photo Credit: John Baibak, WHYN News)

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