DA: "Reasonable And Unavoidable" Force Used In Police Fatal Shooting

ampden County District Attorney has concluded that an officer involved in the fatal shooting of Orlando Taylor The Third used “reasonable and unavoidable” deadly force on Genesee Street January 9th.

DA Anthony Gulluni released body worn camea footage of the deadly incident. The officers were originally called to the scene for a report of a man with a knife.

Two officers responded to the call. One of them Officer Arjel Falcon a nine year veteran of the department at one point was slashed.

On body worn camera video Falcon’s partner asks Falcon if he were OK. Falcon responds- “yo I just got stabbed in the face.”

Later in the video --the officers are seen retreating.

Taylor is seen on the video running from the scene but then comes back toward the officers. The DA says at that point that the officers were “loudly and repeatedly” telling Taylor to drop the knife.

Two shots were heard on the video.

The DA says there will be no criminal charges. That the officers involved used lethal force that was in accordance with their training.

Hampden District Attorney Anthony D. Gulluni stated, “All death investigations, but especially those involving an officer’s use of deadly force, must be investigated openly, transparently, and objectively. The process by which this investigation is conducted must be methodical, thorough, and consistent. This process, and the consistency and transparency that must be its hallmarks, is, first, about a fair and just outcome. But, second, it’s about building trust in law enforcement in all communities. Incidents like this one have sparked unrest and distrust for police across our country, and it is incumbent on us to ensure that this incident does not deter or erode a positive relationship between law enforcement and the community we serve. In fact, it’s an occasion to show professionalism, decency, and respect, to build trust and strengthen relationships, while we deal with a tragedy and all its dimensions.”

Gulluni was asked by reporters if there were another way that the officers could have acted noting that Taylor, according to his family had mental health issues.

The DA said he understood the scope of the question but that it fell outside the scope of what his job was. But aside from that he also said that society had to do a better job in such instances related to mental health.

To be transparent- the DA said he would release all evidence in connection with the case- although he did say there would have to be some redactions.

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