RI Congressman Seeks To Ban Trump From Running For President

Rhode Island Congressman David Cicilline is floating legislation that would bar former President Trump from holding public office again.

Cicilline sent a letter to Democrats previewing a bill to prevent Trump from holding office under the 14th Amendment.

Cicilline claims Trump was engaged in the Capitol riot. He argues Trump should be barred from holding office under the "Disqualification Clause," which blocks any person from holding office who has taken an oath to protect the Constitution but has "engaged in insurrection" against the U.S.

It's not clear when Cicilline plans to introduce the bill.

Trump on Tuesday officially announced plans run for the White House in 2024.

Republicans at the start of the new session in January will control the House, so such a measure would be in doubt.

(Photo by ALON SKUY/AFP via Getty Images)


Photo: Getty Images

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