Italians pummeled by English fans after Italy's dramatic Euro Cup victory.

Italian fan beaten by angry mob of English soccer fans following Italy's Euro Cup 2021 victory over England at Wembley. (07/11/21)

Photo: (Courtesy Franco Gasparri)

Sunday night at London's Wembley Stadium, some English soccer fans lived up to their reputation as being the worst in the world. Devastated by their country's defeat in the final of the Euro Cup, they took their frustrations out on fans of the victorious Italian team. Video captured by an Italian spectator shows English fans throwing punches and kicking Italian fans who were knocked to the ground. Security forces broke up the melee, but media reports show it was not an isolated incident. Why did this have to happen and could it have been avoided? Our friend (My Cousin Federico) and expert on Italian art, culture, history and soccer, Dr. Federico Pellegrini, explains in a live report from Rome on the morning after. Click below for the podcast.

Jim Polito and Federico Pellegrini

Photo: (Jim Polito)

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