Problem Solving Difficult When You Can't Get By "Trump"

Have you noticed that no matter what side you are on in a particular issue it is impossible for the person to argue their side without starting by saying, “Trump wants.  Trump did.  Trump. Trump Trump Trump?”  Usually at a decibel level that is nauseating.

It doesn’t matter if they are for or against.

Unfortunately with this type of thinking we are never going to solve problems.  We are going to get involved in the minutiae of the personality surrounding the issue rather than the reality of dealing with it.

That’s why there were several federal judges who were awakened Saturday night to have to deal with immigration issues.

That’s why we have people upset with the POTUS about pipelines, pollution, democratic politicians and a variety of other things. Until we find solutions to problems rather than personalities we won’t change.

Remember, it is all a money and power grab by whomever your politician is.

Their job is not to legislate or govern or deal with issues.  Their first job is to get elected or re-elected.  The power that we have given them often times goes unchallenged because we are too tired to do the homework.  If we can all go 24 hours without Trump being Trump--refreshing in some respects, not so much in others...and we can all go the same 24 hours with people referring to problem solving rather than personality we could probably stumble on a different world.  And then 24 hours after that. And 24 more after that.

Two takeaways.  

Earl Nightingale is someone I grew up reading and listening to.  He said----

“Our attitude toward others determines their attitudes toward us.”  


“We become what we think about.”

What we have become however is nothing that I wish to think about or even consider.

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