Random Thoughts With A Theme In Mind

Does it seem like the Massachusetts Legislature is out on vacation?  Seems even for them...they are pretty quiet.  I don’t know if that is good news or bad.

The Turners Falls School Committee is getting rid of the Indian Mascot...because someone found it offensive.  I don’t know why they find it offensive.  No one ever says why.  Now they will replace it with something else.  They know-not-what.  I was just thinking about writing to MLB seeing if we can get the Red Sox to change their logo.  I mean Yankees fans find it offensive right?

I wish we could deal with the very real problems that face particularly the smaller communities.  For example, these communities have little to no real business...therefore they have no tax base.  The same people fighting for the elimination of a mascot--will they be the same people fighting to keep unneeded regulations out of their communities….or taxes from going through the roof?

I don’t know.  They may be. But what is an absolute certainty is that local government budgets are going up far more than the cost of inflation...most people are not getting the raises they need or deserve to keep up and that will only drive those people out of the burbs and back into poorer communities.

I don’t have the answer.  

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