Is Anything Really Important these days?

I have to tell you that there are days I come to work and look at the board and say, “wow.”  There are the days that there is plenty going on in the world and locally and it is all good stuff.  Those are the days I eagerly cram as much as time will allow me to get in.

Then there are the days when it feels this is a bad episode of Mayberry RFD.  If Barney Fife, or someone close, or Andy Taylor come in the newsroom I will tell you that this is a bad joke.

In Amherst, they are worried about what they are going to call themselves.  So they changed mascots from The Lord Jeffs to Mammouths.  They have a skeletal exhibit at the history museum.

In Cambridge the city council voted 7 to 1 to investigate whether the President should be impeached for his ties to Russia.

The Springfield Mayor is worried about the Memorial Bridge (that’s the bridge that connects Springfield to West Springfield) being tagged with graffiti and he wants the state to hurry up and take it down.  The graffiti- not the whole bridge.

Oh yea.  And, then there is the Massachusetts Legislature.  Abnormally quiet for them.  Now they have been awakened.  They want to strip control of the retail sales of pot from where it is now with the Treasurer to a commission, like they created for casino gambling.  It seems that they couldn’t be bothered with voting on the issue when they should have.  They allowed it to go to referendum.  Now they want to control it.

All of this of course has little to do with anything that is important to you.  

Wouldn’t it be nice if people would become more exercised over things that they can control and make a difference?

So what is important to anyone these days?

(Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images)


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