Flag Flap And Voting Rights

Sometimes the little things are actually packing the biggest punch.  Two stories this morning get my attention and bewilderment.

A Tibetan student graduating from the University of Massachusetts is being barred from carrying her nation’s flag during commencement next week because the US doesn’t consider Tibet a country and the university goes by what the State Department recognizes.

The students say that is discrimination.  

Are they wrong?You see more so now than ever before we are told that the college environment is “everything for everyone”.  It is open. It is understanding.Apparently not.

And what makes it all the more interesting about the argument over not recognizing Tibet as a country is the fact that it was UMass who has benefited.  

You may remember back in 2015 the Dalai Lama visited the Pioneer Valley and spent time at UMass.  

Consistent?  Ahhh doesn’t look like it on the face.We tell students to be individuals but there is no room for being a patriot to your native country.

Then there is the second story this morning out of Turners Falls. 

They are among many communities with apparently not a lot to do, so the school committee, without public comment got rid of the Indian Mascot for the High School.  Usual arguments there. 

 Now some residents want voters to boycott the non-binding question that is on the town ballot next week that seeks voter opinion on the issue.  

And organizers of the boycott come up with this as a reason…“The Civil Rights of a minority should never be placed on the ballot.”Huh?

If that were true we would have never had the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  

Congress voted.

We would have never had gay rights.We would have never had anything without a ballot.“

The purpose of education is to build a happier society, we need a more holistic approach that promotes the practice of love and compassion.”

The Dalai Lama said that.Love and Compassion?  

We see much of that these days?

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