When Ego Meets A New Generation

When a little known “D-List” celebrity posted a gorey, offensive picture involving the President of the United States, people around the world were angered, beleaguered and confused as to why a person in the public eye would do such a thing.


As usual while showing our disdain for such an event, the American Public somehow failed to ask themselves what the next ten words should be.


“How is it that people can do what they do?


And, the answer provided within the context of those ten words is more telling of us then the picture in some extent is of the poster.

You see somehow we made the world not about it, but about “me”.  It is never ever about the common good it is about ego and what it is that the world can give a person rather than a society.


People only care about themselves, believe that they will have the answer and the thought that everyone cares about and they will be the star of the universe.


It never used to be that way.  


Tom Brokaw wrote that “the greatest generation was formed by the Great Depression.  They shared everything meals, jobs, clothing.”


Perhaps if we had more of that attitude rather than ear shattering and eye popping nonsense we would be better off and have not as great a generation as that which Tom Brokaw writes so eloquently, but certainly a better generation than what we have now.

(Picture with thanks Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

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