Congress Needs To Act Rather Than Talk

OK this is overly simplistic.  But let me take a try at this DACA stuff.

I don’t know if it is good or bad.  This is done at a pay grade higher than mine.  But, if we can get the R’s and the D’s to take a breath and quit trying to get all the governors, including one Charles Baker and Dannel Malloy all angered, let’s take a look.

Then POTUS Obama, with a stroke of his pen created the DACA or so called Dreamers Program for young, non criminal illegal immigrants and giving them a path to citizenship.

The current POTUS doesn’t like the program.  For whatever reason is his and it makes no difference in this analysis.

We have a program that can be created and ended with the stroke of a pen on any day of the week without Congress being able to breathe a word.

If the program is as valuable as they say...and has as much bipartisan support as they say, wouldn’t you want a “legislative fix” to make it the Law of the Land?What we have here are republicans, democrats and attorneys general who want to see their name in the media.  So instead of passing a bipartisan measure in 15 minutes and getting it done and moving on what we will do is clog the courts and create of circus.

I know.  Overly simplistic.  But if you take all the words out of the picture, life is pretty simple.

(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

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