Which Turn To Make?

I am confused.  I know.  Not surprising.But I am. 

I am truly confused about the country we live in.On the one hand we get murder, theft, crimes that disgust and anger.  

In Springfield, for example, two people apparently had a dispute about their pets and to listen to the court proceedings one guy takes a gun out and allegedly shooting the other.

And, then on the other side we have the unity.  The hope.  The prayers.  The concern that are the local relief efforts --and there are dozens in this state and hundreds throughout the US that are raising money and items for the people of Puerto Rico that have been upended by the hurricane of a week ago.  

There was one in Springfield last night.  A group of people coming together, not representing any particular organization...only representing the human race.

"Very emotional and very shaky. Just finally hearing their voices and knowing they're okay. It was a relief, but we know that they need help. Regardless that they say they're okay, they need help," said Yashira Soto who has family there.They are ok.   But she says that they don't want to worry anyone.

We have crime and hate.  And, we have love and caring.

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that." Dr Martin Luther King said that in his 1963 Strength To Love.

So which America do we live in?

Which America do you want to live in?


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