Congress Does It Differently Than Army - Navy

After watching the Army Navy game this year, even if you don’t know if a football is stuffed or inflated, one thing should be readily apparent….

Congress is purposely going about the business of the nation in the wrong way.

Case in point.

At the Army Navy game this weekend.  A man walked to the center of the field and asked God for protection and guidance.

No one protested.

Army and Navy then stood for the same song….sung by a combination of the two choral groups.

No one knelt, sat, laid down….raised a fist...or otherwise protested that song.

After the anthem, Referee Charles Lamertina tossed a coin between the captains of both teams, which hugged and shook hands before the toss.

No one berated, yelled at blasted or ridiculed the other guy.

For the next 2 hours and 56 minutes, Army and Navy proceeded to try to beat the hell out of each other a play at a time….then helped each other up and then tried to do the same again and again.

After it was over, both teams cried.  Both teams sang...both teams stood in respectful silence for the post game ritual to conclude.

Then they celebrated.

That’s the way Army and Navy settled their war.

Not too far away from Philadelphia, lies our nation's capital.

There they play another game.  One where the two sides try so desperately to win at all cost and they don’t care how it is done or how it looks.

They talk about each other in the harshest of terms in the most personal of ways and they don’t care.

Look at it this way…

Army and Navy played football on the same field and stood after with respect of the other guy that they tried to impale.

In congress, they do just about the exact opposite.

It’s to the point where you can’t put the Massachusetts Senior Senator and POTUS in the same room with each other.

Wouldn’t be nice if someone, somewhere in congress got the idea that they should be playing the game of politics like Army and Navy played football this weekend rather than the political football they have made the country?

Perhaps we need to explain the Army Navy game to Congress and tell them about what it really is all about.

(Photo by Joseph Garnett Jr. /Getty Images)

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