Obama, Trump And The Pope--Most Admired?

The people at Gallup are out with their usual year end survey. 

This one deals with the “Most Admired” men and women. 

The poll really shows nothing new. 

Obama, Trump and the Pope are the most admired. 

The most admired woman is Hillary Clinton.


That’s what you got for most admired?

How about the teacher in an inner city classroom who gets the job done every day with barely a “thank you” from the principal or the school super.

How about the social worker with a case load that has no reasonable boundary.  The workload with cases that are life or death every day and he or she manages to get the job done.

How about the nurse working in a hospital E-R who keeps the doctors in line and people alive until doctors can save the day.

How about (you better sit down for this).  How about Tom Brady?  Yes that one.  At an age where most NFL players are not around, he is getting the job done…with a continued commitment to excellence.  And he gets it done with a smile and is cordial most of the time.  We shall see if that continues this weekend.

How about the single mom or dad?

How about the cop on the street…or the firefighter running into a burning building?

How about we re-think who we admire in this country?

It’s easy to admire a President or retired President or a religious leader.

It is not as glamorous to think about the sacrifice and abilities of the other.’

But we admire those others right?  

If not then we should re-think all of this.

(Photo by Isa Foltin/WireImage )

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