How To Handle "Our Great Divide"

One thing is apparent after watching the State of the Union Address last night.  The President can come up with whatever he wants and he is not going to get any help from Democrats.  They pretty much for the most part sat on their hands during the whole thing.

The President wants the Congress to work with him on a one point five trillion dollar infrastructure bill which seems to be able to get the positive attention of most.  But the President, while saying that the program will be shared with the states, that is paid for by both, the President doesn’t say where that money is coming from.  Care to say gas tax increase anyone?

One thing is for certain.  The men and women of congress, the men and women of your local city council….the men and women of your state legislature no matter where they are will have to be re-elected soon.

And, for all of you who have clamoured for change, it is your turn.  Are you ready?

The underlying question….How do you vote for someone?  Why do you vote for them?

Some of the things you should and should not do.

Gone are the days when are parents say “He is a nice guy and looks good, someone we can trust.”Gone are the days that because our parents voted for him or her we will do the same.

Instead we seek a way to figure out who is best for us and the nation. So, for example, if you see a TV Ad about a particular candidate, ignore it.  Understand that the person running, 99 times out of a hundred, is a nice person, with a nice family, has a nice smile and looks good in a suit.  It does not matter.

If a candidate tells you about their record, understand that what the candidate is actually telling you is “I haven’t got a clue as to what needs to be done, but I took part in this stuff and gee look what I did for you.”

If a candidate goes negative, something that the polls tell us has been working of late, that person hasn’t gotten anything either.  But he knows that he doesn’t like the other guy and neither should you.

So how should you pick a candidate?

What will they do for you?I have made a fair amount of headlines asking one basic question during debates and no one, on any level of government has been able to answer it or even come close.

“What is the one program or idea that you have, that you will see through to a conclusion, that benefits us?  How does it work?  What will it do?  How much will it cost?  And, most importantly, how will I know that it has worked?40 years.

No answers.

No ideas.  And you wonder why the future is the way we think it is going to be.

(Photo credit BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images)


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