Is Now The Time For Action?

Today millions of kids throughout the country will walk out of class to do a couple of things... 

To protest gun violence and to pay tribute to the 17 souls who passed in senseless violence in Parkland, Florida.

It took Parkland, Florida to bring everyone to the table to deal with gun violence in this country.

Now for those of us who covered Sandy Hook, what seems to be many moons ago, looking into the eyes of mothers and fathers who lost sons and daughters, it would seem that those sites would have been enough to lead people to action on the issue.

It didn't.

And, because it didn't one tragedy begets another and another after that and one wonders when the senseless cycle will ever end.When you talk to the local kids, they tell you that they are scared and they want the violence to stop and all they want to do is live their lives in peace.  

Such a request is not unreasonable, nor is it synonymous with just kids and schools.

To get there is well above the experience and knowledge of our government officials.

To get there is well about the ability of the experts.

To get there is not above the ability of each and everyone of us, however.

All it takes is one person, one time, on one day to stop and think of the faces of the victims of gun violence.

And in that one second, on that one day, society will change.

But it will take reason rather than emotion.  

It will take solitude where there is fear among people to change.

It will take a moment in time.

The time is now.


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