What Would Mr Ed Think?

Every once in awhile -- out of nowhere you get a story that makes you think...and wonder and ponder what's next.

Such a story exists this week in Springfield where the City Council Public Safety Committee is being asked to approve a measure which would either ban outright or more stringently regulate horses.


I said horses.

It appears that this is a concern for safety for the public and for the horse.  

Springfield Police will tell you -- after wondering why you are asking them such a question -- that you can ride a horse on a city street.  

There are no ordinances --- yet.

This all begs the question, "why are we picking on the horses?"

Now although I don't foresee a lot of traffic jams caused by horses we do have more than a number of issues with bicyclists weaving in and out of traffic, at times daring you to hit them.

There have been a fair number of near misses all caused by the dare devils out there.

And, since we are a caring lot here in the big city, Springfield has put bike lanes out on Main and other streets.  

Other communities have done the same.All this brings one to think that we might be trying to fix the wrong problem.

The City Council should figure out what they want its downtown and other neighborhoods to be-- good for the workers trying to get from one meeting to another....or good for the kids on bicyclists riding in the middle of the street ---already tight streets, for no apparent reason.

It is a predicament.  

One that I don't need to solve.

But, one wonders what Mr Ed would think.

"Ohhhhhh Wilbur."



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