Lots Of Words With Different Meanings

What has happened to the world these days?

In Congress, the Senate Judiciary Committee spent hours and hours performing for the cameras, leaving many wondering if the FBI, which is now investigating Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination, if they could ever figure out who said what and why.

The Senate Hearing was a bad episode of Perry Mason played out in real life., according to some.  It never used to be that way.  You could always follow along when it came to politics.

Not to be outdone, the UMass Football Coach has been suspended for a week for calling the failure to call pass interference in a game –tantamount to a sexual assault.  Mark Whipple, in a statement said that he was disappointed in his remarks and has apologized.  He will go without a paycheck this week and attend sensitivity training.

All this brings to mind the concept that words have meaning.  Actions have consequences.

It used to be that when you were in Congress you were in it for the public good.

Sports were something that you did on the weekends or watched on television.

Instead we have a society that has transgressed into a mismatching of reality versus perceived reality.  Everything it seems is done for some kind of alternative reason.

Can’t we just live our lives as best we can and let others live their lives as best they can and somehow coexist?

Then we have a real world as opposed to a competitive mishmash of different values and concepts.


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