The Movement Has Meaning

Anyone who has been anywhere near me for any period of time knows that the meaning of words actually matter to me.

“No” means “no”.  “Yes” means “yes” and the phrase “ I intend to….” most often used by politicians means less than a plugged nickel.

That brings us to the #MeToo movement.  

We all know what it means and what it stands for and the break neck speed that the movement has grown by the minute.

So if there are millions of people behind the movement, supporting the movement and the like exactly why do we have the problem?

The point is that I am often taken aback by the extensiveness of the cause.  There is no debate about that.

The fact that we have the movement really doesn't make it sound like we are progressing as a people...or a society and in many cases are regressing.

Is it not reasonable to understand that people,  women, anyone, shouldn’t be assaulted.

That people should not live in fear.

That the cost of an education should not equal the cost of a home.

That we should be able to check an email without worrying about whether some electronic thug in a faraway place wrote it….or for that matter some brother of the king of some country with a great “busnes” proposition.

Words do have meaning but actions matter more than the meaning.

Until we all get that through our heads we unfortunately will deal with the fear and the anguish that is out there today.

And there can be no set of words to describe how unfortunate that will be.


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