It's That Time Of Year Again

Too many times, every two years I am confronted with the question from some nice man or woman, sometimes a student, sometimes at a dinner, “what difference does voting make?  They are all the same.”

It is unfortunate that the question keeps coming up.  Perhaps it is a reflection of what we teach in school.  Or how we live at home.  It could be that we just have lost interest in politics or we have lost interest in anything that isn’t about ourselves.

It could be all that.

If you said anything close to “what difference does it make?”  You are not wrong to feel that way.

You see it is all a game.  It is mostly about the power.  It is mostly about anything that resembles you or me.

There is too much power to be had.  There is too much money to be made or to be contributed to think that it is anything but a game.

If it were truly about the voters than people would meet behind closed doors and ask “what is best for residents?”  

Instead it is more like “What is best for the party?”

It never used to be that way.  And it is sad that it may never be.

Most people will split ballots.  Most people read beyond the social media diatribe of partisans to make their own decision.  But there are far too many people who are relying on social media as being the gospel. 

If you haven’t researched yourself the issue, or the person, you made a mistake.

If you haven’t at least tried to call your local politician and had a conversation with them or their staff, you also made a mistake.  

Most local politicians will return a phone call.

Then it is up to you to figure out if the answers are what you want to hear.

Yes I will vote.

I will in as less a grumpy mood as I can, hand my license to the polling person and grunt out a “good morning.”  Then meander over and vote on the question(s) first and then for whomever is running.

Then I will pick up my “I voted” sticker…wonder why it is such a big deal to get one, buy something from the kids and their bake sale, probably the only smile you will get from me and then go past the hundreds of people with signs outside.

And, why do I do it?

Well, blame my upbringing.

And, because in some way….maybe a vote for whomever, will make the difference.

Now go vote.



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