Is There A Will For Another Pill?

My mother wasn’t the only mother who said the words.

Come to think of it I had a high school home ec teacher that said the same thing.

She was talking about sewing. It appears that they have some stupid rule that says that when you sew stripes they need to line up.

But I digress.

It’s not unique. But it is the answer to a rather ominous issue in our world today.

“If it is worth doing, it is worth doing it right,” the old saying goes.

We have this pressing issue in America that frankly is scaring the breath out of people.

It is scaring police and medical people and moms and dads.

And sisters and brothers and anyone else connected to a family.

It is the Opioid Crisis in this country. And a lot of good people are trying to find an end to it.

Prosecutors seek justice in courts.

Families seek solutions at the dinner table.

But we fall short of finding anything that resembles a solution.

When my mom went to a doctor and something would go wrong I can still hear say to her doctor

“Can’t I just take a pill?”

I find myself saying the same thing when my medical people say “you need to get this shot.”

“Isn’t there a pill I can take?”

And isn’t that an answer to our issues?

If we developed the pill that got everyone hooked, isn’t there a pill that we can take that can get us unhooked? And, I don’t think the answer is methadone. Remember methadone is an opioid by definition.

All the medical people---all the knowledge. All the talent.

Can’t they find a pill to stop the scourge?

(Photo credit PHILIPPE HUGUEN/AFP/Getty Images)


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