Too Many Protests--Not Enough Change

Can we get real for a minute? Can we be honest? Can we put down the titles and the bunk that we as a society seem to enjoy?

I was a pretty good student in school. But apparently I missed the class about government and change.

You see I thought we were all the benefactor of a pretty good setup provided by the forefathers. We had people that ran for office. We had ideas. We did our research. And, we voted for the issue or the cause that we best related to.

Now one always wonders if this present age of politicians really believes what they believe or is it because they are told to think that way.

We have a society today that has turned to violence. We have a society that instead of mowing down barriers with kindness, thought and dedication, opts for violence and seeks destruction.

Let’s be honest for once.

If we don’t like the system, the party, the politician, change it.

But change it the right way.

Hear the politician. Understand what they are saying. Understand their ideas. FIgure out how those ideas will work and whether you can deal with the consequences.

And, when you find that person, find someone who shares your ideas.

Even more important, respect the person who disagrees, for it is they who are in the same boat you are.

Educate Rather Than Protest.

If we do that---if we give each other a chance...change can be had and a better place to live can be attained.

Or in the alternative we can keep going the way we are, keep hating each other and live life like it was something to win rather than something to experience.

(Photo credit should read JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images)


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