Sometimes Silence Is Golden

Sometimes silence is golden. Very golden. Let me explain.

Hall of Fame basketball coach Jim Calhoun has, according to a lawsuit been accused of sexual discrimination by a former associate

athletic director at the University of Saint Joseph. They are a small Division Three School that is now open to both men and women.

Jaclyn Piscitelli filed a lawsuit Wednesday in Federal Court this week.

She alleges she was fired after complaining about the conduct of men in the athletic department, including the 77-year-old Calhoun,

after he was hired to form and coach the school's men's basketball team.

Now, among other things she says that the Hall of Famer asked her to clean up coffee grounds he spilled because that's what his wife would do for him as well.

Ok guys. This one is for you.

Even if that is what happens at home---how many of you would admit that to anyone on the face of the earth.

Just asking.


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