A Resolution Above Them All

Happy New Year!!! (Well I'm a bit early).

The question is always asked of me this time of year and forever I have answered it the same way.

"John--What's the top story of the year?"

And, I reply about the same way.... "Whatever story I am working on at the time."

People consider that flip....and so be it.

But the truth be told --- the story I am doing is important to somewhere for some reason.

It is the same reason I don't judge contests.

If I were to answer it would be pretty simple....

The fact that no one---not the Springfield City Council, State Legislature of whatever state you like, not congress or anyone anywhere can seemingly agree on what day of the week it is---the hell with the important stuff.

And until they can agree---really agree---- nothing will change. It will all be the "same old--same old."

So on this New Year's Eve---isn't it time that we all resolve to get along?

For the sake of the world?

(Photo Credit: iStockphoto)


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