Out Of Heartache Comes Triumph In Covid Crisis

It is rare in these times that we actually get any good news. But believe it or not there is a tremendous amount of great news out there.

When Covid hits, it is up to a dedicated team of professionals, men and women, young and not so young. Black and white that band together to create miracles and save lives.

For 29 days Meghan Moomjian battled Covid 19. For many of those days, some in the critical care unit she spent days fighting for her life.

But because of God’s will, luck or whatever you believe, medical science was able to come through for the veteran nurse.

And to serve as a way to celebrate the patient, something called Code Rocky was in operation.

Code Rocky is the way the Baystate Medical Team celebrates a patient who has beaten Covid. It is a way for medical staff to recognize the patient’s recovery and celebrate a miracle.

With the patient’s consent, a Code Rocky mobilizes Baystate Medical Center team members throughout the hospital to gather in the Daly Lobby – dressed in their personal protective equipment from masks to gowns – to provide a standing ovation and a beautiful, warm send-off for the patient and to acknowledge the care team while the “Rocky” theme song is played.

Nancy Shendell-Falik, RN, MA, president of Baystate Medical Center and senior vice president of hospital operations for Baystate Health, was one of the many team members who gathered in the hospital’s Daly Lobby for the joyous occasion.

“Team members gave a standing ovation for one of our own as a very special Grand Code Rocky was called to celebrate the recovery of Meghan Moomjian, who is a medical assistant at the hospital. It was a spectacular sight filled with loud cheers and tears of joy from everyone in honor of Meghan and the incredible effort that our staff puts in every day in caring for our many patients,” said Shendell-Falik.

Moomjian is a medical assistant at Baystate Thoracic Surgery. On her way out of the hospital, cheered by colleagues, she said “if only i could just sleep for a month now.”

Unable to see her husband and family in person, they Facetimed whenever they could.

When learning that she was going to have a big send-off, Moomjian humbly responded: “You all don’t even know me. It’s hard for me to put into words right now the care I have received,” she said appreciatively.

She is strong and has faith and is a winner. And a lot of very dedicated and talented people helped her continue her successful career,

She and they are winners.

(Thanks to Keith O'Connor Baystate Medical Center for video and editorial assistance)

(Cover Photo Provided by CDC)