Food - A Family And A Community Coming Together

I don’t get a chance to do a lot of “good news” stories.It’s not that I don’t want to do them.It’s just that there are so many stories out there that negatively affect our pocketbooks, our attitudes our way of life.

So when one gets to do a story about something good that is going to happen, I like it a lot and start jumping on it.

And it is good….no great on so many levels.And, you can get a part of the story that will make it feel so good.

For the record, The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts got a 125-thousand-dollar donation to launch the Millions of Meals food drive.The gift from the Antonacci Family Foundation will provide 500-thousand meals to those who are food insecure in Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties.

Andrew Morehouse has been my “go-to” guy on food insecurity and the needy in western Mass for years.“The coronavirus epidemic has everyone worried how they’re going to make ends meet and put food on the table. This is an unprecedented time for us as it is for everyone. We’ve never experienced this in the 15 years I’ve been at the food bank.”

Frank Antonacci, representing the Foundation says with the hardships caused by COVID-19 it has never been more important to support the Food Bank.He has seen the stories.He has seen the need.And, neither he nor the family could stand by and watch what was going on in our community and in our neighborhoods without making a stand.

Everyone’s been impacted by this pandemic, whether it be financially or mentally… but for those of us that are doing okay and feel they can give a little extra… and I’m really calling on the business community to step up, come help out, make a gift that’s really going to make a difference,” Antonacci said.

And, that’s why we are teaming up with our media partners Western Mass News, the Food Bank of Western Mass and the Antocacci Family Foundation to raise Millions of Meals.Here is all you have to do:

Click on this link and make a donation to the Western Mass Food Bank for people in need.

They are our neighbors and friends and associates.They need help.And, they may not ask directly for it, but we need to be there for them when they need it the most.

It’s as simple as that.

Everyone has been impacted by these events.And now together we can make it better for those that need our help.

It’s a story that I wish I didn’t have to do.

It’s a story that I am glad I am doing because we all together we can help a lot of people.

Join us won’t you?