Where Is This "One Community"?

No matter where you go throughout your rounds you are likely to see a sign, some are green, some are red, they are in various colors.

The lawn sign has some variation of the phrase "One Community."

We all get the meaning. We are in this health crisis together.

Or probably better put we SHOULD all be in this together.

Where is this One Community?

Are we?

Are you a believer in that theory?

Listen to people no matter where you are.

In the store. In the coffee shop waiting for your coffee order while properly socially distancing.

"Oh, I am so sick of this," one person will say.

"Yes. I don't know why this is all so big," another person will say.

Yet a third person will wonder why they can't get their hair done. Another why they can't go to the gym.

More people will tell you how they are bored about being home. They want to go to a movie. They want their own routine back.

One Community?

We will get through this.

I'm not sure if we will be stronger for it but we will certainly be different because of it.

Now the question is for better or for worse?