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WHYN DayBreak with John Baibak

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We Have Change-- Whatever That Means

For longer than I care to remember, people have been yacking about change in this country and in the world, and how important that it was.

Despite the calls and the pleadings, people vandalize in its name.

What has that changed?

Some are accused of trying to burn down churches.  

And what has that changed?

Truth be told, change in this country is quite easy to achieve.  

All it requires is that people look within themselves and make the small and real change within their own person.  

A lot of people making small changes and we are talking about real numbers.

And when they do that, that is when the country as a whole will get change.

Until then...change is only a word.

A word without a real meaning.

(Photo Credit: iStockphoto)

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