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A lot Of Times "Old School" Is The Only Place To Learn

I do get battered from time to time because given two directions I would rather go “old school” than “new.”

Let’s put it this way, old school never went wrong. When the nuns told you something, you did it, or you faced the wrath when you got home.

Now days kids don’t care---have all the answers and will be glad to tell you that as well.

All that leads us to this big mess in Massachusetts and other states where they are trying to schedule people to get a vaccination shot against the coronavirus. It is almost a certainty that someone, somewhere in government was told by their IT people that they have the program in place where all people have to do is log in and schedule an appointment.

Remember technology is the answer to everything.

Remember the roll out of the Mass Health Connector? That was a nightmare.

Remember when Connecticut and Massachusetts did simple changes to their computer systems in the Motor Vehicle Department?

Why no one said, “hey if I can tell you that you didn’t pay a parking ticket, or I need you for jury duty...or you haven’t paid your taxes,” why is it that you cannot send people a letter, tell them that they are scheduled to do a covid19 shot at this particular time, and if you can’t make it, give me a range of times and we will make it work.

Certainly there is someone in state government that ----scratch that. Never mind

Its a world where if someone wants to know the answer to something they tweet out a request, or send someone a Facebook message. Computers are the be all and end all.

Computers are fine. I use them everyday. Sometimes when they go awry ---it causes great angst. But I get over it. Somehow I am not trying to land planes or do open heart surgery.

But sometime someone in state government---lets say Governor....someone has got to say isn’t there a simpler way.?

Keeping it simple will often times yield the most dramatic and successful results.

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